The Tag That Stands, “Made in the UK”

The Tag That Stands, “Made in the UK” 

In this ever-changing ecosystem of consumption, the value associated with leather has remained constant. London, in particular, has been an epicentre, witnessing the rise of leather brands that manufactured premium leather products

By utilising heritage tanneries and workshops to craft premium products, the leather industry in the UK is globally known to be a haven for modern leather luxury brands. However, in today’s day and age, manufacturers often use the term ‘genuine leather’ loosely. 

This article will go through the aspects that are part and parcel of the ‘Made in the UK’ and what the tag represents in terms of the quality in the world of leathercrafting


The Truth about Genuine Leather

The true meaning of the term ‘genuine leather’ gets lost amidst the difference in leathercrafting methods between the UK and the USA. For example, in the United States, leather has undergone some treatment to create a premium facade. The quality of the base leather that’s below this top layer is not given much importance.

brown leather journal from the UK

To cut costs, manufacturers may go ahead and use leather with grains that are forcefully bound together to replicate the properties of ‘genuine leather’. Therefore, being ‘genuine leather’ technically, obtained from the exact cowhide as full-grain leather, this process is cheaper to mass-produce. 

On the other hand, leathercrafting practices in the UK lay greater emphasis on the quality of the leather used in the products. Untreated full-grain leather, which represents the top quality of the leather, is used in leather products made in the UK. The blemishes are a sign of authenticity, and manufacturers often reject the chemically treated hide to produce a blemish-free exterior.


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What Does “Made in the UK” Represent?

Established years ago, the leather industry in the UK has a rich history and culture infused in its roots, London being the prime location for all the leathercrafting activities. From procuring raw materials all the way up the supply chain to the point of sale of the leather product, leather businesses in London have set up the foundation for today’s leathercrafting world. 

However, the rise of mass manufacturing post the industrial revolution meant that some upcoming leather businesses resorted to curating sub-par quality leather products. This led to an increase in the price gap between premium leather and its mass-manufactured counterparts. And the UK became the renaissance centre of bespoke leather businesses.

As of 2015, the leather industry was valued at nearly £1.5 billion, clearly reiterating the demand for leather products in the UK. 

leather sofa seat from the uk

Given that this number doesn’t include the leather goods or exports used in automotive or upholstery needs, the demand for UK based leather goods has never been higher. As you can see, the UK has been the mainstay of leathercrafting activities which is why the ‘made in the UK’ tag associated with leather products comes with a lot of responsibility. 

Consumers associate this tag with pristine quality, fine finishes, and trust the base leather to be authentic full-grain leather. These premium products are handmade from start to finish, so their intricate patterns and finishing cannot be emulated by mass manufacturing techniques. 

To sum it up, products labelled ‘made in the UK’ are expected to be unique and reflective of artisanal prowess, and rightly so. We, at CreateLab, aspire to be industry pioneers who rejuvenate the landscape of premium leather finished products and reinstill the confidence that consumers have in the ‘made in the UK’ tag. 


Local UK Leather Goods 

In a time when mass production is rampant, consumers are still flocking towards authentic handmade leather products. This surge in demand has seen leather manufacturers in the UK gradually expand their leather resources by establishing their craftsmanship in the UK. 

Each leather product manufactured via these businesses is intricately handcrafted just for you. Although the process might be slow, the detailing that goes into carving, pressing, sewing, polishing and finishing is like a 1950 British soap.

brown leather bag in the road

These craftsmen and women work tirelessly so that you can indulge in an authentic leathercrafting experience via their products. One such local leather manufacturer in the UK making the British leather brand great again is CreateLab. 


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Why Choose Local Products?

When mass manufacturing has plagued the leather industry, local businesses provide an excellent alternative to sub-par quality leather products. 

From the individuality of each product to the feel of their finish, there is a whole list of reasons why you should support local leather businesses in the UK. 


Support Growing Businesses and Boosting the Local Economy

By indulging in purchasing locally manufactured leather goods, you contribute to stimulating the economy. This, in turn, strengthens UK’s position amongst global leather manufacturers giving incentives for local businesses to keep producing premium leather products. These local businesses help establish a sustainable economy, and you, as a consumer of these products, play an integral role. 


Customised and Intricate Designs 

Purchasing a leather product from a local business in the UK ensures the individuality of your product. If you’re scouting for a unique gift that’s reflective of how much you appreciate your significant other, then local businesses provide you with the perfect opportunity. 


Premium Quality Leather Products 

One thing that’s guaranteed when you purchase a leather product from a local business in the UK is its premium finish and quality. The amount of time invested in crafting the leather product translates into more attention to details and a snug finish. These hand-crafted products may be more expensive than their mass-manufactured counterpart, but they are definitely more durable and worth it.  

We, at CreateLab, are based in the UK and have developed an extensive in-house leather manufacturing process. Quality is of paramount importance to us, which is why we’ve combined modern production methods with the experience of skilled leather craftsmen to produce goods from locally procured leathers and hides.

CreateLab is a local leather manufacturer of unique handmade leather goods based in the UK. Our leather goods are handcrafted with materials being sourced from local leather manufacturers and tanneries. Besides creating exceptional leather products, we offer our counsel and expertise in leathercrafting to help UK local leather businesses to thrive in the competitive leather market niche.  

We understand your pursuit of excellent craftsmanship, which is why we work relentlessly so that you can enjoy the luxuries of authentic handmade leather accessories. Visit our website, and experience custom made leather design at its finest!


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