CreateLab’s Journey of Manufacturing Leather Goods in the UK

CreateLab’s Journey of Manufacturing Leather Goods in the UK 

Premium leather products in the UK have always been in high demand. Be it premium leather wallets, belts, or shoes. For consumers, these products represent luxury and elegance. 

However, in an attempt to cash in on this demand, and produce increased volumes of goods, leather manufacturers started to compromise on the quality of their finished products.

Mass-manufacturing leather products of sub-par quality rampaged through the UK’s leather ecosystem and prompted a radical change.  Today, through this article, we’re attempting to elaborate on that change.



A leather company that goes beyond the modalities of producing leather goods in the UK was the need of the hour. It was based on these principles that CreateLab was established. We aspired to be industry pioneers who rejuvenated the landscape of premium leather finished products and addressed the apprehensions amongst consumers regarding the quality of leather products.  

To meet these ideals, CreateLab established a manufacturing unit that’d cater to the excellent standards of leather designs that the company envisioned. Be it bags, wallets or any leather product, CreateLab focuses on creating unique chic designs that align with the current fashion trends. Let’s unravel the ideologies that CreateLab pivots around and how it has become a symbol of excellence in the leather crafting ecosystem


Celebrating The Differences

When manufacturers of leather goods in London were compromising quality to produce large quantities of replicated, defective leather products, CreateLab was established to primarily focus on igniting individuality and self-expression. We aimed to manufacture premium leather products that’d allow our customers to stand out, birthing admiration over prejudice.

black portfolio bag by createlab

The intricate art of leather, as we envision it, is about distinct designs accentuated by supreme craftsmanship. To achieve this vision, designers and leather craftsmen who were experts in their crafts were taken on board. The collaborative efforts of these master craftsmen led to creating an environment conducive to achieving excellence and unmatched creativity. 

Over the years, CreateLab has developed to become a brand that looks beyond producing leather goods. 

At CreateLab, leather is a means to empower and celebrate the individuality of every single consumer wearing our accessories. Apart from manufacturing leather goods, we also offer insights and consultation services to budding leather businesses looking to manufacture leather goods in London. 


Manufacturing Leather Goods In The UK 

We, at CreateLab, have developed extensive in-house leather manufacturing processes and offer our services to produce premium quality custom leather products. Quality is of paramount importance to us, which is why we’ve combined modern production methods with the experience of skilled leather craftsmen to produce goods from the finest leathers and hides.

createlab manufacturing leather goods

Our leather manufacturing solutions vary with each client as we offer customised services based on your requirements. Based on the client’s need, we source the leather that works best for your product, cut them to cater to your designs and craft out a sample – a working prototype of the leather goods to be manufactured. 

If you think that a feature doesn’t work well with the entire scheme of things, you can convey the design intervention to us. And we’ll incorporate it into the design before bulk manufacturing. Thus, from creating a conceptual design, sketches and mood boards to curating a sample for your finished product, we, at CreateLab, offer you an in-house solution for all your leathercrafting needs.


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Leather Services in the UK 

Apart from manufacturing finished leather goods, we offer our services in various fields like leather sourcing, leather sampling, and consultation. As long as it’s related to leather, we’ve got the resources to get it done.


Leather Sample Making

Translating your ideas into reality is a monumental task, but we can help you achieve this. With years of experience in the leather industry, we help bring your design to fruition by crafting sample leather products. Our in-house design team works relentlessly to ensure your design is seamless and replicates the image in your head. Send forth your design requirements, and we’ll help you craft immaculate samples.


Leather Prototyping

Prototyping is of utmost importance if you’re looking to bring forth a new leather product into the market. An intensive approach to the prototyping process will help you figure out where revisions are necessary. Craft out an inaccurate prototype, and you may end up with a leather product that’s starkly different from what you had in mind. 

design process of leather goods by createlab

We, at CreateLab, provide sample leather making services in the UK. We focus on bringing the best technical and design solutions, collaborating one on one, ensuring the design is seamless and exactly what you wished all along. Send us your plans to discuss your ideas further, and we can help you build first-class samples.


Leather Business Consultation

With years of experience in the leather industry, we’re well aware of – The ebbs and flows of the fashion industry. How upcoming leather businesses can navigate this ecosystem where change is the only constant. 

We, at CreateLab, offer our services as leather consultants to aspiring leather businesses, retailers, distributors, suppliers, and leather manufacturers. If you’re associated with the leather supply chain at any level, we’ve got you covered!


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Leather Sourcing 

Finding the correct type of leather for your product involves a lot of mixing and matching, trying to figure out which options will be suitable for your purpose. 

At CreateLab, we save you the time and effort to source the best leather for your leathercrafting needs. 

Collectively, we’ve got a long history of working with premium leather and helping our clients to source premium leather in various grades and thicknesses. This helped us build relationships with multiple suppliers and tanneries who continue to provide us with the finest quality of leather from around Europe.

No matter how versatile your requirements are, we can help you source the leather. Be it a specific size of base leather, a particular type of tanning, thickness, grade selection, colour, or base leather within a specific price range, we’ve your back.

Let us know what you need and leave the rest to us!

Over the years, the UK leather industry has become one of the top revenue-generating markets globally. More and more leather businesses have started to emerge. Today, the UK has over 23 leather companies with plenty of tanneries supplying locally tanned leather to upcoming leather businesses and manufacturers.

However, this abundance in terms of numbers doesn’t necessarily translate into quality. We, at CreateLab, address this pain point amongst businesses and have created made leathercrafting accessible to all. 

Whether you’re a small business or a hobbyist, you can contact us by booking an appointment, and we’ll get back to you with services that align with your goals. We understand your pursuit of excellent craftsmanship, which is why we work relentlessly so that you can enjoy the luxuries of authentic handmade leather accessories. Visit our website, and experience custom made leather design at its finest!


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