How to store your leather goods

Leather is a natural material that can be damaged and misshapen if proper care isn’t taken of the product. People often overlook the necessary jobs required to keep luxury goods and materials in good condition. Devaluing the products they’ve invested in. Specifically, leather can dry out and alter its colour if left in direct sunlight for long periods. It can also gather mould from being left in moist places for too long. Therefore it is important to know how to store your leather goods and keep from any potential damage.


How to store your leather accessories


  • Regularly wipe down to remove any surface dust and dirt. Use a Suede Brush for Suede and Nubuck.


  •  Apply the best recommended conditioning treatment for your specific product. Following the instructions carefully.


  • Fill your leather bag with a soft material or plastic cushion to help retain its shape.


  • Store in a dust bag or pillow case.


  • Store the bag in a cool dry place, free of any moisture that might cause damp and mould.


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