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At CreateLab we extend our years of knowledge to produce your very own finished leather product. We provide a full range of products from bags, briefcases, wallets, folios, etc.
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Leather Sourcing: At CreateLab we source the finest grade of leather from around Europe and manufacture with the highest-quality and traditional leather-making techniques in Britain.

Finding the right type of leather involves a lot of work with different types and options available for various purposes. We will help save your time and source the best quality or a specific leather you would want for your product. Collectively we have a long history working with premium leather and helping our clients source premium leather in various grades and thicknesses. read more

leather production service by createlab in london uk
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Production: At CreateLab we value quality leather products and we put in the effort to create the best-crafted piece of Leather product and accessories for your brand

We develop a pre-production sample and manufacture the products ourselves. CreateLab can produce 20-150 products per week depending on the size and design. Each product is crafted in our London studio. Our clients include small start-up companies to large fashion Houses. When you choose to manufacture local, you will save time. read more

leather samplemaking prototyping folio by createlab nosakhari london uk
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Sample and Manufacturing: We value your ideas on starting a leather business and we provide our years of expertise to translate your ideas into your very first Leather sample product!

Want a production-ready prototype/Sample for your brand? Or a leather bag or accessories you would like to improve or refine? We can assist you in every step of the design process, from a hand drawn sketch work to a 3D predevelopment mock-up, we can help you make excellent samples that speak to your design aesthetic and brand philosophy with great attention to detail. read more

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