8 Benefits of Manufacturing your leather goods Locally

As you get ready to turn your designs into products, you will find yourself most concerned with finding a suitable and trusted manufacturer. The idea of outsourcing will seem tempting with the low costs and quick production. With those offers you may end up having to trade quality for cheaper labour.

A lot of businesses outsource to help manufacture their goods as they see it as cost efficient. But they often sacrifice quality of service and the benefits from manufacturing locally. Here’s why we champion British craftsmanship through manufacturing within the UK.


‘Made in UK’ can add value to your brand

People like to invest in a product that they know was crafted with a story. A product that was carefully made by hand shows careful consideration for the end user. Customers truly value domestically manufactured products and will be willing pay premium costs for them.


Service and Adaptability

Choosing local manufacturing means you get to be part of the production process. Quality of service remains high with regular and direct communication between you and your manufacturers. Outsourcing limits your capacity to oversee the process from start to finish. It is also harder to develop relationships with leather goods factories in further locations. Direct communication enables you to react to the market in real time. Discussing more possibilities with your manufacturers and moving through the design process more efficiently.


Waste Reduction and Transparency

Being better connected to the development of your product allows for greater quality control. Reducing waste and overproduction. Controlling your order quantities from smaller production batches removes overstocking inventory in storage and warehouses. The reduction of “air miles” also makes for a more eco-friendly product.


Quality Control

Instead of having to ship prototypes from one part of the world to another, you will be on hand to check the quality of your product from prototype to first sample and deal quickly with any problems that arise. This allows for a more organic development process. Keeping costs low and ensuring the final product reaches the highest possible standards with minimal delay.


Minimum Order Quantities

If you are looking for small batch manufacturing and one-offs, you are more likely to be able to find these services with local manufacturing. Logistically, this means a greater predictability of delivery times and lower costs. Keeping your minimum quantities under control allows your business to grow gradually, reducing the risks associated with immediately commissioning large orders.



Shipping can be a concern when you choose to outsource your product services. Depending on your manufacturer’s location, your product could be sent halfway around the world, leading to significant shipping costs and delivery durations (as well as increasing the air miles and carbon footprint of the product), and widening the scope for delays.

With local manufacturing, you can ensure predictable delivery times and lower lead times when items are out of stock, as well as using a cheaper delivery method.


Overseeing Work Conditions

Businesses have an ethical responsibility to the treatment of workers. And that the manufacturers they use abide by health and safety regulations. Over the last decade, the exposure of avoidable tragedies such as the collapse of Rana Plaza has brought this need into light. Using local production facilities enables you to oversee working conditions and make sure regular health and safety checks are performed.

Regulation of working hours can also be restricted within local production facilities. You are better able to check for fair working conditions and ethical production with local manufacturers, avoiding, for example, the exploitation of minors in production. From a business perspective, customers often prefer an ethically-produced product!

Boosting Local Economy

Fuelling local businesses increases the financial wellbeing of other makers, strongly identifying the brand with its locality. It is also good to know the people and the faces of those helping your brand grow.



Here at Nosahari CreatLab we provide expert knowledge on product design and manufacturing services for fashion accessories. Our services include Leather Sourcing, Sample Making and Production, which can be found here.

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