Choosing, styling and creating British leather goods for the new season

As the summer turns slowly but surely into autumn with the fall of every crisp golden leaf, the fashionistas of Britain silently cheer. The cool mornings, glittering spider webs and shiny conkers on every pavement mean It Is Here. The season of texture: of jackets, scarves, hats, boots and of course, the omnipresence of most luxurious of all the fabrics; leather.

There is little more cheering to a dedicated fashion fan than this particular season change, perhaps largely because of the joy of unveiling or re-unveiling one’s favourite leather accessories. There is something sleek and comforting about accessories of the winter months after the frippery and lightness of summer; summer accessories seem to change with every year, whilst winter ones are here to stay and be passed from generation to generation. How satisfying it is to leave a shop, swinging a crisp paper shopping bag with your new back-to-school luxury buy safely tucked within, promising to transform your wardrobe into something fresh and new-season ready!

Whether it’s classic leather belts made in our East London studio or one of Nosakhari’s own luxury unisex bags and wallets, we may well be prejudiced, but we truly believe there’s no fabric so durable, stylish nor comfortable as leather. Unlike many other fabrics, leather’s best quality is surely its beautiful ageing process, like a fine wine, growing in softness and character over the years. As a leading British leather goods manufacturer, Nosakhari’s Create Lab specialises in sourcing premium leather in different cuts, grades and thicknesses, and as designers ourselves, we are uniquely placed to advise on the best leathers to suit your designs.

As for styling your favourite leather pieces, or choosing a new one to celebrate an occasion, we at Nosakhari believe that when it comes to accessories, a less is more aesthetic makes as much as a statement as something elaborate. Our utilitarian pieces are crafted from finest leather, with functional pockets and zips to ensure they’re as useful as they are beautiful. Styling our range of bags and wallets is effortless, because our pieces are designed to go with everything; whether that’s this season’s elaborate, OTT coats or a classic wool or denim fabric.

The luxury of our timeless leather accessories lies not just in beautiful and functional design, but in our careful manufacturing process. CreateLab can develop your pre-production samples, manufacturing in our east London hub, and can produce 20-150 products per week, depending on the size and design. We can help you every step of the way to creating your perfect design, from the initial sketch or 3D conceptual design through to creating your samples and taking you through to production.

With our passionate and creative design team well practised in bringing you the best technical and design solutions, our CreateLab can bring your wildest or simplest concepts to life. And by using a small British leather goods manufacturer based where you are, we can guarantee the kind of service, interaction and attention to detail it is simply not possible for larger and international manufacturers to provide.

So a very happy Autumn to all our clients, both old, new and prospective. Wishing you a season filled with best back-to-school leather goodies, whether you’re buying, designing or creating. If you want to discuss any of your ideas with us, do get in touch.

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