How to care for your leather

Leather is a strong and durable material, but it is also susceptible to long term wear and tear from everyday use. Over time, it loses its natural oils and moisture, causing the leather fibres to dry out and break. These are natural processes that can be safeguarded against with proper care. Here we have provided some tips to help with maintaining your leather.

1. Moisturise

  • Clean your leather regularly, as it requires daily moisture for protection
  • Dab a cloth with a little sunflower oil, or a moisturiser designed specifically for leather protection, and rub over the leather evenly.
  • Always do a spot test before applying any product on your leather. Apply the moisturiser on to a small hidden area and leave for 24 hours to see if it changes the leather.


2. If the leather gets too wet, dry it slowly

  • Drying leather quickly with methods such as a hairdryer will cause structural change leading to your leather becoming stiff, wrinkled and can even cause shrinkage.
  • Instead, air dry it at room temperature to retain its shape.


3. Do not stretch

  • Do not over stretch your leather goods as they will lose their original shape.
  • If you overfill your wallet or bag it will never retain its original shape.


4. How to treat scratches, marks and stains

  • Take care to avoid scratching or otherwise marking your leather product, but if they do occur then you can take steps to mitigate the damage.
  • If you stain the leather, do not try to remove it yourself as you could end up lifting the colour from the leather, exacerbating the issue. It’s always better to consult a leather specialist or someone who deals with leather directly.
  • To treat scratches, you can rub a very small amount of leather oil onto the mark and let soak in (vaseline also works well). After it has dried completely, check if the scratch is still visible and if so apply a small amount of shoe polish and blend evenly.


Whether it is for yourself or your customers, always let the end user be aware of the care needed to keep your leather in its best condition.


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