Handmade Leather Goods In The UK: The Collector’s Edition 

Handmade Leather Goods In The UK: The Collector’s Edition 

When we talk about leather, ‘vintage’ quickly comes to mind. But why is it synonymous with leather, and why do collectors cash out the big bucks for it?

Well, when we say vintage, we refer to the highest-quality full-grain leather that exudes a magisterial patina. The imperfections created due to the ageing process make it impossible for others to replicate, which is why leathercraft collectors are so willing to possess them.

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Such fine leather craftsmanship has been ingrained into the UK’s history. And businesses like CreateLab, Alder, Pickett, and Stow London have been leathercrafting goods with immaculate finesse.

This article will go through leathercraft businesses on the radar of leather collectors in the UK who seek an authentic leather experience. 


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The History Of Handmade Leather Goods 

Leathercrafts is an age-old practice and has a rich heritage – this is where modern ways of leathercraft draw inspiration from. The bygone eras have seen leather usage from rugged leather boots, prevalent in Western countries, to leather clothing during the 1930s.

Handmade leather goods have been used as accessories like jewellery, belts, or products like clothing, harnesses, saddles, and tents throughout history. 

Contemporary leather craftsmen take inspiration from this vintage aesthetic to design the handmade leather goods of today. Thus, there’s a rich vein of history running through leather, and that’s what draws leather collectors in the UK to add it to their collections. 


Most Expensive Leather Goods In The World 

Handmade leather goods are expensively priced, and rightly so, but which leathers constitute the most expensive price tag? Shell Cordovan leather is considered one of the most costly leather goods as the tanning process takes about 6 months. Apart from the time the tanning process takes, there are other features that make Shell Cordovan the most expensive leather in the world.


1. Scarcity Of Raw Hide 

One of the significant factors that drive the price of leather is the low supply of horsehide. While the demand for leather goods of Shell Cordovan remains high, procuring it becomes a challenge. 

Compared to other leathers, horses’ breeding, whose hide Shell Cordovan uses, is only done in a few countries. In addition to this, only a tiny part of the horsehide obtained can be used as shell cordovan leather. 


2. Very Long And Complicated Tanning Process

The tanning process involved in the procuring of Shell Cordovan is very lengthy and expensive as it uses the veg-tanning method. This method is costly as tannins from plants extracts are used to tan leather.

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Also, it takes a considerable amount of time as the tannins need time to penetrate the horsehide’s dense membrane.


3. Ages Exceptionally Well

Shell Cordovan ages particularly well and develops a beautiful patina over time. The older the vintage leather accessories are, the more delicate the patina around it becomes. That’s the reason it’s used for ageless leather bags and shoes that can be used throughout your life. 


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Handmade Vintage Leather Goods You Can Buy 

Handmade, vintage leather accessories can get expensive. But given their charm and timeless aura, they are worth possessing. Here are some that require your attention- 


Vintage Leather Handbags 

Leather Handbags complement every look. Vida Vida is a leather brand based in the UK that offers various handbags, from saddlebags to totes and clutches. 

Another premium leather brand based in the UK is CreateLab. It provides numerous choices of premium leather handbags. Looking for something more unique and creative? CreateLab also serves you with an option to customise your handbags as per your taste.


Vintage Leather Jackets

Ask a man the leather accessory he wishes to possess, and more often than not, vintage leather jackets will be on his wish list. Nothing compared to this innate fashionable item of clothing with a retro charm!

Not only is it aesthetic, but it’s also functional as it helps you resist the harsh UK winter weather. Brick Vintage is one such leather brand that specialises in leathercraft products like men’s leather jackets.


Vintage Leather Shoes

vintage shoes leather

Make shoe contact before eye contact, ladies. Leather shoes are the final piece that completes your outfit, helping you elevate your poise and confidence – at your workplace or during your casual meetings. 

Willow Wilson is one of the premier leather brands that houses an exquisite collection of vintage leather shoes.


Vintage Leather Wallets 

Your wallet speaks volumes about your personality, which is why you should consider carrying a leather wallet. It creates a solid first impression and exudes confidence and strength, essential in the business world. 

Regardless of whether your wallet is slim or spacious, branded or low-cost, possessing a vintage leather wallet may just be that spark you need to elevate your personality in the professional ecosystem. 

Wallet King is one brand based out of the UK that houses premium leather wallets from two-fold and three-fold designs to vintage leather-back traditional wallets. 


UK Leather Collection

Premium leather goods have created a significant niche for themselves in the UK leather market. However, finding businesses that craft authentic handmade leather goods can become overwhelming if you don’t have an eye for it. 

If you’re an active UK leather items collector and are looking for vintage leather items, here are some auctions in the UK which you can consider participating in. 


CreateLab is another premium fashion leather brand based in the UK established to provide you with unparalleled quality leather products. The products produced do justice to the finesse, intense enthusiasm, and human labour that’s invested in leather products. 

From leather sourcing to manufacturing, leather craftsmen at CreateLab strive for excellence and settle for nothing less. From premium leather bags to briefcases, wallets and much more, we provide leather collectors in the UK with a one-stop solution for everything related to premium leather. 

Several factors determine the price of a handmade leather product here in the UK. The type of leather is used and the manufacturing processes define the cost of these products. 

Handmade leather collectors seek a mutual harmony between the quality and the price of the leathercraft product. This is why businesses cannot simply rely on meeting demands and compromising on quality. Success in the leather industry can only be achieved when consumers believe in your brand and your working ideals.

Intending to deliver premium leather products to consumers, we at CreateLab strive diligently to create unparalleled quality products. Our leather goods will satisfy your pursuit of excellent leather craftsmanship and premium leather accessories in the UK. If you’re in search of vintage custom leather products in the UK, visit our website and experience custom made leather design at its finest.


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