The Future Of Handmade Leather Accessories Business 

The Future Of Handmade Leather Accessories Business 

The coronavirus has adversely impacted global markets, including that of leathercrafting. With lockdowns and restrictions in trade and travel, procuring base materials has become difficult amidst the decline in demand.  Despite these temporary setbacks, the future of handmade leather goods is bright. 

Technological advancements over the years have made stitching leather products much more straightforward. However, this ease has also meant that businesses sometimes compromise quality while trying to cash in on the growing demand for leathercraft items. The rise of modernised industrial techniques has reduced the need for handmade leathercraft items. But traditional leathercrafting techniques did not dwindle to a lull. The aesthetic and rawness of handmade leather products till today have enjoyed a steady demand, and rightly so. 

The passion, timelessness, superior build quality and durability invested in the handmade leather products are some of the significant reasons people flock after them. Through this article, we attempt to present you with a wholesome view of handmade leather goods in the future. And whether or not the leather industry will bounce back to original demand levels post the pandemic. 


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What’s Going With The Leather Industry In 2021? 

The inception of technological advancements has meant that leather goods businesses in 2021 can now mass-manufacture products at unprecedented rates. Societal factors like urbanisation and population growth have meant that leather products are in high demand, and companies have more incentive to mass-produce products.  This, however, reduces the stitching’s quality of these leather products. 

However, in the modern marketplace, the automation of leathercrafting may not be a terrible option. Especially if you’re looking up to set a profitable leather business in 2021, you can cash in on demand for leather products by minimising your initial investment and overhead costs. From a consumer standpoint, settling for a more affordable leather product rather than handmade leather crafts is not the worst decision. While as a leather business, you can cash in on this mentality and base your marketing schemes around it.


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Impact of Coronavirus in the Handmade Leather Goods Business 

It’s not surprising to hear that the coronavirus has disrupted specific sectors, including the leather industry; the only question is to what extent? The pandemic’s initial economic impact was felt in terms of the drop in leather goods’ consumption levels in the UK – small local businesses around the UK being among the worst hit.

However, as the pandemic wore on, its effects were visible throughout the luxury supply chain. Countries like Italy, leading producers of premium leather products, were adversely affected as nationwide lockdown restrictions were imposed. Projections for premium leather goods’ demands massively declined as the pandemic’s epicentre moved from Asia to Europe. 

“The consulting company BCG has revised its initial forecast, which had anticipated a 10 to 15 per cent drop in luxury sales for 2020.”

“It has now increased the reduction to 20 to 25 per cent, or a decrease in sales between €70 and €87 billion from the current value of €349 billion.”

However, all is not lost as there’s a resurgence in demand for handmade leather products. Consumers define the market conditions to a large extent, and the leathercraft industry is no exception. It’s in the hands of sustainable conscious buyers to bring back the vibrancy of the leathercraft industry. And we’re seeing them stepping up! 

Consumers are becoming more aware and purchasing sustainable and environmentally friendly products to help the leather industry rebound. This marks a revival of handmade leather goods. With coronavirus vaccinations underway in most countries, allowing inter-country trade activities to resume, the demand for leather goods is projected to increase. 


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The Future Of Handmade Leather Accessories 

Due to the rise of the internet, the availability of online resources is just a click away. There are hundreds of businesses that provide their services to leathercraft enthusiasts, which has led to the decline of traditional leathercrafting as a skill. However, there’s still a considerable demand for handmade leather products since many businesses know the most authentic leather crafting course.

Modern leathercrafting has assumed the role of a ‘facilitator’. Companies are set up to help customers design products of their choice, so while the design may be unique, the process is still automated. 

The upside to this is that it takes way less time to complete than handmade leather products, but it sometimes comes at the cost of quality degradation. It all comes down to what you’re looking for. If supreme quality and passion excite you, then traditional leathercrafting will be a better bet for you. If you’re someone who can compromise on the quality and settle for a more affordable, custom-made leather product, then modern leathercrafting has your vote.

Premium leather goods have created a significant niche for themselves in the UK leather market. However, finding businesses that craft authentic handmade leather goods can become overwhelming if you don’t have an eye for it. If you’re an active UK leather items collector and are looking for vintage leather items, here’re some auctions in the UK that you can consider participating in. 



CreateLab is another premium fashion leather brand based in the UK established to provide customers with unparalleled quality leather products. Leathercrafting, here, is practised with only one objective in mind, and that’s excellence. The products produced do justice to the finesse, intense enthusiasm, and human labour that’s invested in leather products

From leather sourcing to manufacturing, leather craftsmen at CreateLab strive for excellence and settle for nothing less. From premium leather bags to briefcases, wallets and much more, we provide leather collectors in the UK with a one-stop solution for everything related to premium leather. 

Leather is a material that never goes out of fashion, and history is evidence of this. Despite the lull in both demand and production levels for leather goods during the coronavirus pandemic, handmade leather goods’ demand is rising gradually once again. However, many businesses are trying to cash in on this demand, and replication is becoming commonplace in the leather industry. 

With a view of handmade leather accessories’ resurgence shortly, we at CreateLab acknowledge the trend and have created leathercrafting resources that’s accessible for all. Additionally, we emphasise our leather products’ quality and deliver you leather goods that satisfy your pursuit of excellent leather craftsmanship and premium leather accessories here in the UK. If you’re in search of vintage custom leather products in the UK, visit our website and experience custom made leather design at its finest.


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