The Step-By-Step Process Of Leather Prototyping In The UK

The Step-By-Step Process Of Leather Prototyping In The UK

Conceptualising and coming up with new ideas is hard enough, let alone executing them. The same holds for leathercrafting. You may end up wasting many hours following your abstract product idea with no guarantee of its success or failure. 

Not only do you waste your precious time, but you also may end up spending other resources like material and human labour. Thus, to avoid such obstacles, you must consider making leather prototypes of your abstract ideas before investing any time and efforts into them.

If you’re into leather manufacturing in the UK, you must have definitely come across ‘prototyping’ as a jargon commonly used in the leather industry. 

Without the correct information, leather businesses may think that it’s not necessary for their business model. 

Sit tight as we shed light on this misconception in the minds of leather businesses and run you through the details of Leather Prototyping in the UK.


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What is Leather Prototyping? 

Leather prototyping is to create a mock-up of your leather product before entering the same manufacturing phase. 

This prototype provides you with a visual overview of what the final product will truly feel like- its texture, stitching consistency and design. It helps you gauge your product’s weaknesses and gives you insights into how you can resolve them.

Prototyping is excellent for demonstrating the functionality of a product, especially when it comes to leather. By detecting issues during the development stage, you can optimise your manufacturing process before the final production. 

Not only the weaknesses, but you also gain insights into the strengths of your conceptual design


Step-by-Step Process of Leather Prototyping 

Now that we’ve got a better understanding of prototyping, let’s go through the various aspects of the leather prototyping process

leather prototyping process

Keep in mind that these are not binding rules; instead, they’re a set of guidelines that will help you reap the maximum rewards of prototyping. 



There’s no hard and fast rule for prototyping, but materials that are easy to use, like canvas, are usually preferred. This replicates the texture and thickness of leather as a material.

If your concept is unique, make sure to build a few small test parts to perfect that component. It prepares you to construct your prototype more efficiently. Pay attention to the stitching that your prototype requires, along with the final materials and the process of manufacturing it. These factors play a significant role in determining the efficiency of a prototype. 

Again, this is just an outline, but if you can spare the time, use your prototype to test how it’ll wear out. Premium leathercraft products usually are very durable and can withstand wear and tear. Thus, stress testing becomes critical if you want to market your leathercraft products effectively. 


Conceptual Sketches 

All vintage premium leather products, be it a handbag or a leather wallet, have one thing in common- a narrative. By penning down your ideas on paper, you get a better feel for your product and its functionality. Also, you can always scribble and make additions to your designs.

Do remember to take small notes on similar aspirational designs. For example, if you’re designing a customer leather handbag, you could consider researching other leather bags to draw inspiration from. 

It’s not only the positives but also the negatives that you can point out. The culmination of your inputs with these notes marks the building block to a great leather prototype. 

Digital Mock-ups 

Once you’re satisfied with your initial concept, you can take your designs to a computer. Your handwork lays the foundation for an elaborate 3D conceptual design. Which gives you even more insights into your product’s spatial orientation.

CreateLab helps you build these leather prototypes. With years of experience in the leather industry, our design philosophy and working processes have matured finely. Additionally, your leather product’s digital mock-up will help leather manufacturers create the intricate stitches and patterns you thought of – if you decide to outsource your manufacturing line. 

It’ll also assist them with the dimensions and proportions of each detail of your product, thus providing them with a solid foundation to work upon. 


Finding The Perfect Leather

With your conceptual design almost complete, it’s now time to choose a base leather that’ll best suit your needs. 

Finding the perfect leather for your design, however,  may often become arduous. This is where our leather expertise comes to the fore, and we can help save your time and efforts. At CreateLab, we source the best quality leather for your prototype in the UK and have a long history of delivering premium leather prototypes. 

Over the years, we’ve built relationships with multiple suppliers and tanneries who continue to provide us with the best quality leather. 


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CreateLab’s Leather Making Prototype 

Despite the most intensive design and conceptualising, it’s difficult to precisely know how the sketches will translate into a physical product. For example, once the prototype for your bag is created, you may want to make some functional changes to improve your product.

team meetings for design process

At CreateLab, we understand the nuances involved during prototyping and help you create a leather product that your customer will love. 

We set up regular client meetings to allow for additional features to be incorporated into the leather prototyping design. To ensure utmost quality throughout the process, we develop a pre-production sample and manufacture the leather products ourselves. 

CreateLab can produce 20-150 products per week, depending on the size and intricacy of the design features. Each product is crafted in our London studio. Get in touch with us and take the first step in setting up a successful leather business. What’s the wait for?



Leather prototyping in the UK is therefore critical in establishing the functionality and efficiency of leather products. We, at CreateLab, value quality leather products and put in utmost efforts to create prototypes for you. Each product is crafted in our London studio. Our clients include small start-up companies and giant fashion houses. 

Come, join us at CreateLab, save time, have more flexibility, better control, and communicate while getting your Leather Prototype in the UK ready.


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