Review On 5 Leatherwork Hacks – Leathercraft Hints And Tips

A few shortcuts and hacks will not hurt on a harrowing journey to your destination. The only consideration is that you don’t rely on them solely for your progress. If you’re looking to make your dreams a reality, a bit of luck and innovative thinking along the way will help you achieve them.

Such a mindset is all the more critical when looking to get into a niche like leathercrafting that comes with a series of nuances and processes. To create a premium leather product, you must efficiently integrate an array of leathercrafting processes. This is also why some beginners often get overwhelmed even before taking up their first DIY project. Leathercraft tips and leathercraft hacks can help here.

Thus, in this article, we’ve put together a review of a youtube video that goes over numerous leather work hacks that you must include in your leathercrafting ensemble. What’s better, these leatherwork tips and tracks are pretty straightforward and basic. So even if you’re relatively new to DIY leathercraft projects, you can still integrate these leathercraft hints and leatherworking hacks into your workflow with relative ease.


Why Are Leatherwork Hacks Important?

With so many intricate processes and nuances involved in leathercrafting, the finishing of your leather product often gets overlooked. And since leather products and premium quality are synonymous with one another, you may have to re-build your entire product right from scratch.

Leathercraft is a practice that demands both your physical as well as mental abilities. Only then will you be able to create a product that justifies the efforts and time you’ve put in. To achieve that, you’ve to make the most of all your leathercrafting abilities.

Here’s a list of tips and tricks that you must know to maximise your leathercrafting experience.


Five Leatherwork Tips And Tricks – A leathercraft tutorial


1. ‘Egg Points’

One of the top leatherwork hacks is understanding egg points.

Egg points are the design inputs that a leathercrafter may apply while creating leather products like a belt or a tote bag. You’ll find an easy way of doing the same in the video that we’ve reviewed. To begin with, you must measure the length to which you want the egg points to be known. Measurement should be done from both sides. Furthermore, with the help of a circular object, mark your egg points and cut your base leather along these markings. These reference points help you create clean cuts into your base leather that go a long way in elevating the finishing of your leather product.


2. Straight Crew Holes

Next in line of leathercraft hacks is straight crew holes. They are a challenging task even for an experienced leathercrafter. Thus, if you’re new to leathercrafting, here’s a hack you can follow. Draw two parallel lines of the required length through your base leather to create a template. Now, with the help of a chisel and hammer, craft out the perfect straight crew hole as per your requirement.


3. One Threaded Turn

This is one of the leatherworking hacks that makes your hand stitching process hassle-free. In the video we’ve reviewed, you’ll find that the leathercrafter indulges in only three steps to create a sleek finish. For more insights into this hack, watch the video and apply the same to increase your hand stitching speed.


4. DIY Single Hole Punch

This leathercrafting hint is your one-go solution if your rotary punch is not large enough to craft holes right through your base leather. Set up your rotary punch and stick a scrap leather between the base and the hole crafter to indulge in this hack. Once done, get some hammer thuds on the rotary punch’s base to craft holes in your base leather for your future DIY projects.


We’re living in an era where change is the only constant. New technologies and techniques are coming up day in and day out. Hence, to stay relevant, you need to think on your feet to extract the most from these leathercrafting processes.

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