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Leather products are a luxury and a charming one at that, we can’t deny. They are always in high demand too. However, this doesn’t guarantee the success of an entrepreneurial leathercrafting venture. You need to have the right business marketing strategy to serve your target audience best and grow your reputation as a leathercrafting business.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of some of the best marketing strategy books. Going through these books will help you understand the nuances of building and marketing a business. These books will also equip you with insights to better connect with your consumer base, and that’s what matters in the end, right?


The Luxury Strategy: Break the Rules of Marketing to Build Luxury Brands

Luxury and luxury marketing strategy is not a modern concept. It’s something that’s been around for ages, yet people often tend to misunderstand the meaning of the word. If you’re looking to set up a leathercrafting business, it’s vital first to understand the importance of the word luxury and dive into the luxury marketing mix. This book helps you understand the word’s roots via examples from famous brand strategists like J. N. Kepferer and Vincent Bastien.

From their firsthand experiences in the field of fashion, the authors have laid out all the techniques you’ll require to set up a successful luxury leathercrafting business. Many of these luxury brand marketing strategies have transformed several small companies into leading luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Bulgari, Prada and so forth. It definitely has something for you if you’re searching how to sell luxury clothing, after all, Louis Vuitton marketing strategy and luxury brand strategy of Louis Vuitton is inspiration enough. Let’s roll ahead on the road to luxury?


Digital Luxury: Transforming Brands and Consumer Experiences

Digitisation has transformed the world as we know it. We now have various means to stay connected to the world with social media apps like Instagram (direct Ig marketing), TikTok and Snapchat at the forefront. With this rapid evolution of luxury consumer technology, fashion brands and businesses must adapt to stay competitive in their marketing strategies and reach out to their consumer base.

This book profoundly discusses the concept of digital marketing and digital-first luxury brands. It attempts to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds of a consumer and a manufacturer. Thus, in the age of digital Darwinism, this book provides you with critical premium brand e-commerce knowledge to help your business adapt, flourish, and turn into one of the biggest online luxury retailers. Also, online shopping – need or luxury? You’ll find your answers.


Rethinking Prestige Branding: Secrets of the Ueber-Brands

Every new marketer wishes to know the marketing secrets of the brands that have set a precedent for other businesses in the market. These prestige brands examples were once small family businesses. But it’s their tactics in marketing the product that has led them to success. Wish to make your brand a success? It’s imperative for you to deep dive into today’s premium and luxury brands and understands their marketing strategies.

The author, Wolfgang Schaefer, is a famous marketing strategist. He has written this with a view of helping businesses seeking inspiration from the more established companies. With a collection of over 100 case studies about luxury brands like Apple and Tesla, this book that owns prestige marketing definition.

It tells you the reasons behind why certain marketing decisions were made. Plus the impact they had on the roadmap of the premium and luxury brands. A luxury brands introduction and a deep dive into the quality of luxury products is what you can expect to find.


Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message, So Customers Will Listen

Well, if you’re exploring answers for marketing made simple, this is IT for you. Is storybrand worth it? Most certainly.

Communication has been a viable concept for business for many decades. In current times, customer behaviour is rapidly changing. And brands have been ever more conscious of their business strategies. Customers buy a product that’s drive by a mission – one they connect to. Hence brands and businesses have to take correct marketing steps to establish and maintain that connection.

Donald Miller has written this storybranding book to help businesses avoid making marketing mistakes, primarily due to communication. From simplifying the brand message to creating efficient brand communication, this storybrand book resources are filled with the drills of a successful marketing campaign. Storybranding copywriting and storybrand brand script are marketing lessons in their own right.


This is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn To See by Seth Godin. 

The marketing of a product or a service in today’s world is entirely different from what we had 30 years ago. Building a relationship with the needs and wishes of your consumer is today’s requirement.

Seth Godin is a profound business writer who has been praised for his work in business marketing across the globe. In his thriving book, he has shed light on how old methods of product promotion are useless (all marketers are liars) in the current market.

And how one should understand the needs of their consumer base to serve them better.


All the books mentioned above are informative, motivational and provide you with essential marketing strategies and insights. These are the fundamentals that you must cater to if you’re willing to set up a successful leathercrafting venture.

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