Business Books That Will Change Your Life

“Far and away, the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing”, said Theodore Roosevelt. We’re witnessing a time when everyone wishes to be their boss, and that’s the underlying desire that keeps us going. We want to run our own business in the niche that we’re passionate about and have expertise in. But simply having the desire to achieve these feats does not pass the buck. We’ve to act upon our dreams actively. And for that, it’s essential to indulge in planning, process, and implementation to make our dreams a reality.

Leathercrafting is one such blossoming industry that has been gaining momentum and reaching new heights with each passing day due to the enthusiasm shown by hobbyists. However, like in any other business, setting up a successful leathercrafting business requires meticulous planning and developing a foolproof business model.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of how to start a business books that you must read to stimulate your business acumen towards success. These business strategy books will guide you through how you can lay the foundations for your own business. Further, these business communications books will provide you with many more critical business insights to help scale your leathercrafting venture.

So without any further ado, let’s dive straight into the list of business management books.


Atomic Habits by James Clear

Consistency and persistence is a trait that you’ll need to develop to establish a successful leathercrafting business. In this book, James Clear has put together a list of several points (along with atomic habits templates and atomic habits cheat sheet)  that pertain to the importance of small habits to get one step ahead of your past self. These habits are termed ‘atomic habits’. Olympic medalists, renowned scientists, and even top business professionals have adopted the tactics presented in this book. This book is going to help you tap into your true potential. Atomic habits journal and atomic habits scorecard will help you become the best version of yourself.


Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek

Leaders eat last why some teams pull together and others don’t summary entails that the success of any business runs parallel to the effectiveness of its leadership. The more the leadership quality, the higher the chances are for the business to achieve success. In his book, Simon Sinek has meticulously explained the importance of effective leadership via examples of the disciplined lives of marine corps officers. Through these references and leaders eat last quotes, the author sheds light on the sacrifices a leader has to make to ensure the entire team’s success.


Remote: Office Not Required By Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

This business strategy book is a collective work of two of the biggest names in the technological industry. The business management book’s text complements the accessibility of resources like business tools and technology. Plus how we can harness the same to set up a highly effective and successful business, especially considering our work-from-home setup. The communication is business book also goes over some effective business strategies that you should be mindful of before starting your own business, or for that matter, even your side hustle.


The Art of the Start 2.0 by Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawaski is a big name in the business strategising sector. With decades of business acumen under his belt, he sure knows extensively about starting your own business. He’s seen and understood the shift in the business environment over the decades. This is why, through this book, Guy tries to provide some insights into what one must prioritise when starting their own business.

This book is thus a gospel for business enthusiasts. It contains everything from the execution of modern business tools like social media marketing and crowdfunding to combating the critical challenges of business.


Simple numbers, Straight talk, Big Profits! By Greg Crabtree

This accounting made simple profit book by Greg Crabtree is a business guide for all small businesses out there. Through its step-by-step and straightforward structure, the book explains the need of addressing fundamental deviations of business processes. Apart from this, it also gives valuable insights into using your performance indicators to make more informed decisions. We highly recommend this profit-first mindset book.


The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

Through anecdotes in the tipping point,  Malcolm Gladwell has explained how small social changes can lead to significant outcomes. This tipping point theory politics book deals with three concepts of the social epidemic- the law of few, the stickiness factor, the power of context and how you can integrate the same into setting up a successful business.


Women Who Launch by Marlene Wagman-Geller

Our society has not been the most supportive towards women setting up their businesses. Via her book, Marlene Wagman-Geller provides readers with inspirational stories of females who have dared to stand up against society and follow their passions. With these stories of women’s business support networks, experiences of breaking past the stereotypes, this book is an ultimate motivator for women and everyone who has only one question in their mind, “What will people think?”.


Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Written and published way back in 1997, this book provides business teachings applicable in today’s day and age. Rich dad poort dad moral lesson is that many entrepreneurs fail to understand that for a successful business, you’ve to understand how money works. The rich dad poor dad conclusion provides valuable insights into how you can make money work for you and how you can exploit financial tools to increase your wealth.


The Peter Principle by Laurence J. Peter and Raymond Hull

Exploring what is the peter principle in psychology or what is the peter principle in sociology?

In this book, the authors have explained a business solution called the ‘Peter Principle. This Peter principle discusses the shortcomings of a promotion process and how incompetent people are promoted to higher levels. With a sarcastic approach, the authors have highlighted this issue and how to overcome its consequences. Interestingly, it was written more than 40 years ago, but still, business professionals use it to help make the right business decisions.


Escape from Cubicle Nation by Pamela Slim

Many individuals in the corporate world are not very satisfied with their job profiles. They wish to start something of their own. Pamela Slim has provided you with a personal MBA business plan –  everything you need to know to create your own business in her book. The book is a collection of her experiences while founding her own business over a decade ago and the emotions involved in switching from a corporate world to entrepreneurship.


Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday is an A-grade writer on philosophical thinking, and his book deals with the day-to-day problems that a person encounters due to their ego. Via his book, Ryan emphasises how ego is something that you must devalue, as, in your business, this trait will lead you to make uninformed decisions. Read this ego is the enemy vs the obstacle is the way book and learn how to react when something doesn’t happen your way.


Each of the books mentioned above will help you to improve in different areas of entrepreneurship. These books will help you understand the optimum utilisation of the business acumen you’ve accumulated over the years through your life experiences and implement these ideas with utmost effectiveness.

We, at CreateLab, always try to provide you with resources that help you grow. Do give us a chance to be an integral part of your growth in the leathercraft journey.

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