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responsible leather sourcing
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Source Leather Responsibly – Here’s How

Change is the only constant in the world. What also constantly changes is our perspectives towards a particular topic. With time, cultural, and societal developments, our thoughts and processes across varying domains sometimes witness a 360-degree shift. One such domain is t... read more

30 December, 2021 Words by Naina Khare
leather goods sampling services
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Realise your Leatherworking Dream – Here’s How

Leather is a flexible, strong, and durable material made from the tanning or chemical treatment of skins of animals and hides to make sure it does not weather away with time. As a common practice, leather is obtained from cattle, sheep, goats, buffalo, pigs, and hogs, but wi... read more

31 August, 2021 Words by CreateLab
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World’s First Clothes Made From Mushroom Leather!

Consumers of today are more mindful about their purchases than ever before. Sustainable and environmental-friendly products are becoming increasingly popular for all the right reasons. And the most prominent brands are shifting towards sustainable alternatives. Meanwhile, le... read more

07 July, 2021 Words by CreateLab
white leather
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White Leather: How Is It Made? 

White Leather: How Is It Made?    In today’s leather market, leather manufacturers are faced with a common problem – minimising the environmental impact that leathermaking processes have. Various eco-friendly methodologies are being developed to tackle the detr... read more

30 May, 2021 Words by CreateLab
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The Rise of a Leather Trend: Phone Cases 

The Rise of a Leather Trend: Phone Cases    The unprecedented rise of technology in recent years has led to smartphones becoming a modern-day necessity. These gadgets allow us to indulge in telecommunication, instant messaging, photography, video recording, web surfing... read more

29 May, 2021 Words by CreateLab
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