Review On ‘Making a MASSIVE Leather Wholesale Order’

By no means is making a massive leather wholesale order an easy task. It requires a lot of strategising and planning before a business can actually attempt to execute it. From factoring in the price of materials and equipment like that of an industrial sewing machine, leather needs, cutting tools and patterns to implementing the intricate designs that the client requires. There are tons of nuances involved in the execution of a leather wholesale order. 


Customers who’ve already purchased premium leather products in the past will most likely be your target niche. This is why ensuring utmost quality also becomes critical while meeting mass wholesale orders of leathercraft products.  


In this article, we’ll be reviewing a YouTube video  ‘Making a MASSIVE Leather Wholesale Order’, in which a leather products manufacturing business, Corter Leather, goes over the processes that one should follow while attempting to execute colossal leather wholesale orders in terms of numbers.  


Summary Of The Video 

The video starts off with the introduction of the leather business Corter Leather and their task – to manufacture a wholesale order of a minimalist leather travel wallet. However, these leather wallets had to be hand-cut and stitched. Why? To maintain consistency in quality and design. 


As the video unfolds, we’re given detailed insights into the manufacturing process of the leather travel wallet. If you watch the entire video, you’ll understand why Corter Leather believes that handcrafted leather products are more durable than machine manufactured products. 


Some Takeaways From The Video 

There are some exciting stitching techniques that you can learn from the video. For instance, you can hand weave durable leather products using a classic saddle stitch and 3 to 6 cords of waxed threads. The video details out the process of stitching and how the saddle stitch can be used to create leather products that are stronger than a machine stitch. 


Additionally, during the course of the video, you’ll gain insights as to how a sewing machine operates and how you can integrate alternating patterns of the saddle stitch, into the process. 


Watch the entire course of the video to learn more about hand stitching and various other meticulous details of executing a leather wholesale order. 


How To Make A Massive Leather Wholesale Order

stitching holes on to leather for saddle stitching method


Having watched the video, we now have a better insight into how we can execute a wholesale leather order while maintaining premium quality. However, if you’re a leather business that’s just starting, taking on a leather wholesale order might be a mixed bag for you. 


But if you play your cards correctly, taking on these tricky wholesale orders may be highly profitable for you in the long run. Here is a list of reasons why you’re better of taking on wholesale orders despite the various nuances involved in the same.

  • Wholesale Orders Ensure Profitability 

Indulging in wholesale orders ensure that your business receives regular orders and thus a defined cash flow. Rather than selling the one-off product, regular customers ensure that your business constantly has to keep the manufacturing lines running. 


Additionally, depending on the product you’re offering, wholesale orders might cost hundreds of dollars or more.

  • Increase Market Visibility

Selling your leather products in bulk helps you increase your market reach. The more places you sell in, the more people will know about you, especially if these establishments receive a lot of foot traffic.


Based in the UK, we, at CreateLab, are a leather goods manufacturing house that assures you of utmost quality and detail. With years of experience in the leather industry, our craftsmen relentlessly strive for pristine quality while paying particular attention to every stitching detail. 


Our studios are equipped with the state of the art technology that helps accelerate the production of premium leather goods. Thus, we’re more than well-equipped to handle all your leathercrafting needs and wholesale orders. 


Affiliated Sectors That Use Leather Products 

It’s not just leather houses that require the services of wholesale leather manufacturers. The use of leather as an integral component in various sectors is given below.


  1. Clothing And Fashion Industry 

Unlike other materials, leather has been a permanent fixture in the fashion and apparel industry over the years. Leather apparel has become timeless due to its protective and long-lasting properties, as well as its progressive fashion appeal. It doesn’t matter if you’re a movie star, a singer, or simply a regular person on the street — nothing beats a chic leather jacket.

     2. Luggage Industry 

Large brands such as Louis Vuitton and Ted Baker produce leather travel bags because of their durability in addition to their aesthetics. 

    3. Sports Industry 

Leather is a highly profitable industry in sports because of the versatility and durability it provides. Leather is extensively used to make an array of sports equipment, including gloves and protective clothing.

    4. Leather Accessories 

Leather as a material is extensively used for accessories due to its functionality and aesthetics. Leather is extensively used in jewellery, watches, and mobile phone covers, in addition to high-end designer purses and shoes.


Leather Products Wholesale

Thus, leather as a material is in high demand, and there are a plethora of leather products in the market that require wholesale orders. The video reviewed in this article shows us just the painstaking effort that goes into making a leather travel wallet. The intricacy and elegance achieved by hand stitching a leather product is something that needs to be indulged in to experience its magisterial properties. 


Leather Products Manufacturer – Prototyping/Wholesale

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