Must-Read Books for the entrepreneurs starting a luxury bag label

Everyone wants to be their boss. And the business construct of the 21st century has made this a reality for many.

For people who are into leather crafting, especially leather handbags, the future seems exceptionally bright. Also, an increasing number of youngsters flock into the niche. 

According to data projections, the leather handbag industry is set to grow at 7% and is expected to reach a market capitalisation of 19.8 billion USD by the end of 2028. 

Thus, if you’re into the business of creating luxury leather bags, the sky’s the limit. 

In this article, bring you five book recommendations that you, as an aspiring entrepreneur, must go through before building your luxury bag label.

These books will help you understand questions like –  how to design handbags for manufacturing? Is the handbag business profitable? Who are the top handbag manufacturers? How to start a handbag business from home and what are some free handbag business plans? Overview about handbag sample making, and most importantly how can you start a bag manufacturing business in the UK.


Books for the entrepreneurs starting a luxury bag label

Creating one’s own luxury leather bag label is not a piece of cake. It requires thorough research, market analysis, and a certain persistence and vision. Why not learn from some of the best luxury houses that have ever existed? 

These books will help you answer all the questions that you may have in mind. 

Will my handbag leather business be profitable? How should I design premium handbags while maximising my profits? Can I start a handbag business from the comfort of my house? The answers to all these questions and much more coming your way.


Book 1: Fashionary Bag Design: A handbook for Accessories Designers


As the name suggests, this 130-page book is a fashion handbook on leather bag making and can be considered a must-have fashion portfolio for every aspiring handbag designer.

This book provides insights into the best grade of leather for premium handbags, the manufacturing techniques and processes, and some of the best bag designs.  Plus, a detailed analysis of the ergonomics of a handbag. Thus, everything you need to know about creating a premium leather bag business or designing a bag template is entailed within this book. A storehouse of bag design ideas, indeed.


Book 2: Fashion that Changed the World

It’s rightly said that one should be aware of their history if they wish to alter the course of their present and their future. This book is all about fashion trends that changed history and will help you understand how to dress like a revolutionary. 

This book by Jennifer Croll highlights revolutionary moments in fashion and social movements reflected in fashion. And provides you with an immersive experience about leathercrafting. It essentially takes you on a journey spanning centuries elaborating on how fashion influenced the women’s revolution. It provides insights as to how fashion trends came about and how these trends impacted society. From the change in fashion because of the internet and globalisation to the dynamics of war, art, and homosexuality that influenced world fashion, you’ll find all this and much more in this 200-page book.


Book 3: Basics Fashion Design ‘09: Designing Accessories

If you’re looking for motivation and inspiration for your leather handbag designs, then this book is a must-read. It starts by laying down the importance of fashion and how it’s integrated into leather fashion design accessories and dress designing accessories. The author, John Lau, has provided aspiring designers with insights related to 2-D and 3-D modelling techniques, product finishing techniques and modern-age tools to help you create perfect leather handbags. 

This book is highly recommended for leathercrafting entrepreneurs to understand the importance of accessories in fashion designing. Why? Because this 200-page book is your go-to guide on how to start designing leather accessories.


Book 4: Fashionary Iconic Bag Postcards

A collection of sixteen of the most iconic handbags in the history of fashion is equipped with visual illustrations that elevate the reading experience. This is a bag design fashionary e-book. 

The author, Laura Laine, goes the extra mile in discussing the various iconic leather bags and will help you design a bag template. She also elaborates on why fashion critics receive these so well.


Book 5: The Better Bag Maker: An Illustrated Handbook of Handbag Design 

In The Better Bag Maker book, Nicole Mallalieu shares some intriguing short-cuts and secrets for designing leather handbags. He also gives insights into some of the most advanced techniques related to sewing and polishing and how to make a trail maker backpack. This is why it’s a must-read for any leathercrafter aiming for pristine quality. Additionally, it’ll help you stand out from amongst the crowd by developing your leathercrafting designing skills.



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