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Top 5 leather bag design books to get inspired!

Book 1: Woven Leather Bags: How to Craft and Weave Purses, Pouches, Wallets and More Paperback – 1 April 2019 by Naoko Minowa   Author Naoko Minowa, a craftswoman and a teacher who has her own hand-weaving and vegetable dyeing shop, school, and gallery, in Japan. This... read more

21 May, 2021 Words by CreateLab
leather detailing in process at createlab warehouse
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Top Books to Guide You on Leather Working Tools

Book 1: Leather Crafts: In-Depth Information on Tools, Materials, and Techniques (Idiot’s Guides) Kindle Edition by Valerie Schafer Franklin If you are a DIY Leathercraft hobbyist, this is a perfect book for you to get started with your leathercraft journey. This book ... read more

08 May, 2021 Words by CreateLab
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Leathercraft Projects for You and Your Home

Book 1: New Crafts: Leatherwork: 25 Practical Ideas for Hand-crafted Leather Projects That are Easy to Make at Home Hardcover by Mary Maguire A wonderful leathercraft book with 25 DIY projects you can try at home! Clear step-by-steppictures to follow from beginners to interm... read more

08 May, 2021 Words by CreateLab
handmade leather purse designs
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Books to Help You on Leatherwork Techniques

Book 1: Art and Craft of Leather: Leatherworking Tools and Techniques Explained in Detail by Maria Teresa Llado I Riba, Eva Pascual If you appreciate unique leathercraft designs, then this book will meet your expectations and take your leather creations further than you migh... read more

08 May, 2021 Words by CreateLab
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